Appearance: This bizarre entity shifted forms continually beginning in a hulking form like and enormous ape. As it pursued conversation with the cabal, it folded over into a form like a centipede and eventually hatched to reveal a semi-humanoid form composed of pitch black shadow matter.

This being was first encountered in Twilight in an abandoned town several miles away from Chicago. The entity spoke only in the language of spirits but Meg was able to communicate with it via Mind magic. It left an open invitation to the mages to come to it for aid.

It was inferred that Tethys had a relationship with Nemesis but it was never explained exactly what.

Mono met with Tethys in an astral realm called nowhere. There Mono interrogated Tethys about what powers were his to grant. THe confrontation ended with no bargain having been struck and Tethys has not been seen or heard from since.


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