Also known as the Shadow Realm, the Spirit World or Hisil in the spirits’ own tongue. Shadow is another world apart from the physical world.

It is a spiritual reflection of our world, the features of which change to match the true nature of their material counterparts. A stately manor on earth that is secretly the den of a serial rapist might look like a haunted bordello in the spirit landscape.

Nearly everything in our world has a counterpart in Shadow. While many of these spirits are completely dormant, little more than the objects that they seem to be in our world, many still have an intelligence that drives them to feed on those concepts tied to their natures. Spirits long to experience the physical world and hunger for spiritual essence called essence.

A barrier known as the Gauntlet separates our prosaic world from the animistic realm of Shadow. This barrier is thicker in places where nature has been buried in modern edifice.


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