Samuel Brixon

Path: Obrimos

Order: Seers of the Throne

Appearance: Finely, richly dressed. Tall. Graying, curly, black hair with matching goatee. Surrounded by fine things with a prominent iron ring on his right hand countering the gold wedding band on his right.

Samuel Brixon appear to be a savagely successful man of business. His office is a court fit for a modern Pharaoh. If he covets anything, it would seem to be his son, a pentacle mage named Mono. After extending what was quite obviously a second chance for his son to join him among the winning team, he left his son with an enchanted ring and a promise.

Mono would not be offered another chance. Samuel would raze the family he had cultivated, murder his wife, mono’s mother, and Mono would be his son no more.

Samuel Brixon

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