Path: Thyrsus

Order: Nephandi

Appearance: Lanky. Tall. His skin is pallid and his eyes have deep circles below them. He dresses in black, with his shirt open showing his soiled wife-beater and more of his pale skin. He has long, black, clumpy hair gathered into a crude ponytail.

The only known Nephandus in Chicago, Nemesis has become a dark legend in the city during his long absence. He is known to be skilled in the Arcana of Death and Spirit. During his original campaign of terror, he used his arts to ravage the twilight landscape of the city. Many ghosts and spirits fled the area were changed or were even destroyed.

He has a history with the PC known as Meg. He claims to have been responsible for her awakening, a lofty and incredible claim. At the time of very first meeting, he claimed to have been masquerading as a young diabolist named Dean. He has shown that he can freely assume that shape through magic.

He is often flanked by a small retinue of undead creatures or other unclean beings.


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