Murder Most Foul

Appearance: to those who can perceive shadow entities, this spirit looks like a twisted human form. his body is thin and wiry and he carries himself as though taut with pain. He is draped with black shroud material and his face looks like a dessicated skull with a piece of plastic pulled tight around it like a bag smothering an already dead body. His body is bristling with knives and blades of all sorts.

First encountered as a companion to Nemesis, this spirit is clearly a composite of one or more conceptual spirits or one or more conceptual spirits and other types of spirit. In it’s first encounter via a possessed corpse, he acknowledged that murder is food to him and without being allowed to murder or cause murders he feels starved and tortured.

He was briefly bound to Meg as a spirit guardian only to be exorcised by and Adamantine Arrow Thyrsus named Nine Thunders.

At the abrupt and dismissive whim of Exile. Nemesis dispatched Murder Most Foul to go forth and kill to his heart’s satisfaction. Whether his bonds were loosened or this was in fact a joke has yet to be definitively seen.

Murder Most Foul

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