Mirror of Chicago

May 23, 2009

After a week of downtime, during which time the PCs experimented or patient busied themselves, a message from Nemesis arrived. The mysterious sorcerer was finally ready to make good on the bargain he had made with the cabal.

After meeting them in an alleyway in an upscale residential neighborhood in Chicago, Nemesis ushered the wary mages along with their colleague Tristan and his own companion Murder Most Foul into a gate into Shadow. Once there, he led the group into a building and began the bargaining process anew. He offered his aid in exchange for a favor at a later date.

Once a bargain was reached (Nemesis would provide his aid surprising the Unnamed Pylon through the gauntlet and the cabal would help to defend his unborn charge from harm), the Cabal sprang a surprise attack and managed to overpower the divided group of five mages and plunder their minds for the whereabouts of the stolen research papers.

The mages proceeded to combine the two stacks of documents and the Arcadian magic that had enchanted them swiftly dissipated. After a moment of bewildered silence, a Fed-Ex delivery arrived at the sanctum house that contained a number of items. After a brief scavenger hunt, the cabal found themselves in possession of several artifacts, a library of new books and a set of research notes that provided a strong lead to the location of the Celestial Flange.

April 17, 2009
The cabal has been laying low for about a month.
  • Fie managed to get a job in a funeral parlor in the Chicago area. He absconded with a trio of cadavers, two of which are following him around. The third has given to Mono.
  • Mono killed himself in a burning building. In truth, Mono died on the surgery slab in Haiti. After recreating his face and killing Seymour Brixon to the public, Exile joined the group under his new moniker.
  • Jew Doc did some chores for the Adamantine Arrow and gained a reputation within the group that many in the area are starting to respond to. He also ran some dope and turned some man-tricks.
  • Oliver left the area with some Mysterium companions and worked on a job that he has been unable to disclose the details of. He has entrusted his cabal mates with the knowledge that he has earned some favors in the process.
  • Meg worked part-time as a waitress and kept up with her studies, all the while not being stalked by Nemesis for one month.
The Session

Fie and Jew Doc attended Mono’s funeral and exchanged some terse words with Samuel Brixon.

The group discussed the goings on after they had returned from Haiti. The main topics of discussion were the pylon of Seers and the strange notes that they took from Ambrose. It is unknown at this time where the other notes are, how many members this pylon has and who they are, or how much the Seers know.

Jew Doc called Pyrrhus and arranged a meeting to talk about the Seers in Chicago. Slurping awkwardly at a massive cup of coffee, the sentinel proceeded to explain as much as he knew about the Seers and their hierarchy. He left them with the dubious recommendation that they expose themselves in order to draw the [[Seers of the Throne | Seers] out after them.

Shortly after realizing that Meg had been gone for too long, Jew Doc received a call from her phone. On the other end, Nemesis mad his usual threats and requests. This time he demanded a minute or two of the cabal’s time. In return neither Meg nor a “huge number of people’ would need to die.

On their way to meet him, the Cabal was ambushed on the highway by the pylon of Seers that they had been clashing with. The cabal survived with judicious use of magic and conventional prowess. After knocking out the unnaturally swift dark haired man with a hay maker to the face, King Mexico dealt out some healing long enough for the rest of the group to force the Seers to flee. Among the trick witnessed of the Seers in this encounter were Time magic Acceleration, potent countermagic and the ability to teleport.

Upon arriving at the prescribed destination to meet Nemesis along with Meg, the group was told, to little surprise that the invite had been a set up. The Seers had bargained for a chance at trapping the cabal or one of its members to extract information. Nemesis offered a deal for their whereabouts to the cabal who tenuously accepted his terms. These terms were to work the ritual magic in the book he gave Meg. In so doing, he said, the cabal would be doing him a great favor.


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