Mirror of Chicago

May 23, 2009

After a week of downtime, during which time the PCs experimented or patient busied themselves, a message from Nemesis arrived. The mysterious sorcerer was finally ready to make good on the bargain he had made with the cabal.

After meeting them in an alleyway in an upscale residential neighborhood in Chicago, Nemesis ushered the wary mages along with their colleague Tristan and his own companion Murder Most Foul into a gate into Shadow. Once there, he led the group into a building and began the bargaining process anew. He offered his aid in exchange for a favor at a later date.

Once a bargain was reached (Nemesis would provide his aid surprising the Unnamed Pylon through the gauntlet and the cabal would help to defend his unborn charge from harm), the Cabal sprang a surprise attack and managed to overpower the divided group of five mages and plunder their minds for the whereabouts of the stolen research papers.

The mages proceeded to combine the two stacks of documents and the Arcadian magic that had enchanted them swiftly dissipated. After a moment of bewildered silence, a Fed-Ex delivery arrived at the sanctum house that contained a number of items. After a brief scavenger hunt, the cabal found themselves in possession of several artifacts, a library of new books and a set of research notes that provided a strong lead to the location of the Celestial Flange.



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